A Parisian Optical Workshop

Labbrand creates the Chinese brand name to conveys the brand attributes for Grand Optical, one of the multiple brands operated by GrandVision, the No.1 optical retailer in Europe.


Occupying the high end of the French optical retailing market, Grand Optical is one of the multiple brands operated by GrandVision, the No. 1 optical retailer in Europe. GrandVision operates not only branded stores, but also master and individual franchises, as well as joint ventures in several countries. As of May 2012, GrandVision and its Associates were active in 40 countries throughout Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.


GrandOptical is positioned as an optical retail store chain targeting 20-40 year old consumers who appreciate fashion, beauty and uniqueness. The brand came to Labbrand for a Chinese name that conveys the brand attributes of France, fashion, beauty, fantasy, originality, romance, and femininity, to help communicate the lifestyle brand effectively in the Chinese market place. 


The chosen Chinese name was 黎视坊 [lí shì fāng]. 黎 [lí] means Paris and dawn, evocating romance and elegance in people’s minds, also giving a sense of beauty and fantasy; 视 [shì] means vision and sight, highlighting the products of the brand and the chain store, while 坊 [fāng] means workshop, representing professionalism, expertise, and also the friendly accessibility of the brand to the target audience. The name can be summarized as “an optical workshop from Paris”, perfectly reflecting the nature of the business, yet evoking romance and high quality. Also, as a B2C brand this name is easy to read and remember while being unique.