Find A Balance Between Seriousness and Proximity

Labbrand created the new name SKOREWAY for the transport management platform Easy4Pro under Redspher Group.


Created by Flash Europe International in 2018, Redspher is a digital platform comprising companies (Flash, Schwerdtfeger, ..) and start-ups (Upela, Easy2go,, Rubiwin..) across the on-demand transport and delivery segment.

Part of the Redspher platform, Easy4Pro is a transport management solution that enables companies and professionals to compare transport options as well as manage their flows, budgets and results. Easy4Pro strives to identify the best ad hoc solution in a simple, fast and transparent way, as well as enabling users to measure their performance.


The client reached out to Labbrand to change its name. The challenge was to create a differentiating name, that would be more specific about the benefits delivered by the platform, whilst making sure of its relevance and resonance within the group’s start-up ecosystem: Find a balance between the transport and technological category, between seriousness and proximity.


The name SKOREWAY was chosen, both for its construction and evocation.

Combining the words “score” and “way”, it evokes both the idea of results and of trajectory.

This name highlights the final benefit of the brand: an accomplished objective (score) as well as an accomplished role as a means and solution (way).

The name also plays on the polysemy of the suffix “way”, which echoes to the world of transports through the idea of direction and orientation.

The name is phonetically fluid whilst standing as dynamic through its short and direct sonority reflecting the tool’s performance and efficacity.

With an almost Nordic appearance, the name carries an efficient design that evokes challenge and movement, whilst keeping a serious and imposing tone, in line with the brand’s posture and category.