Orix Insurance Rolls Out New Name “Cléma Risk Solutions” Created by Labbrand

Orix Insurance Rolls Out New Name “Cléma Risk Solutions” Created by Labbrand

Specialist insurance intermediary firm, Orix Insurance, rebrands as the smart solution for Asian SME’s. Originally known as Orix Insurance, the company has just revealed its new name created by Labbrand: Cléma Risk Solutions. As the market increasingly moves towards standardized solutions, Cléma stands out for its ability to tailor-made and simplify the insurance process for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Labbrand developed the new name Cléma, inspired by the French “clé,” or "key". This key demonstrates accuracy in unlocking complicated insurance processes, tailor-made to fit each business. As Cléma transforms to use smarter online solutions, they remain a reliable and resourceful partner that helps you navigate risks without issue.

Cléma Risk Solutions
Cléma Risk Solutions

In addition to the linguistic, sociocultural, and marketing factors that make Cléma the unbeatable new name, the name matches perfectly with Cléma’s new logo as well: the blue brain ends in a key, solving all the complexities of your business. Overall, the refreshed brand identity positions Cléma Risk Solutions as the ideal insurance partner for small and medium companies.

Cléma is the key to unlock complexities and open a clear path for your business. I see lots of potential in this name. It’s easy to read, sounds pleasant, and has a unique French touch. The name also carries subtle futurism and warmth, like a personal AI assistant.

Mickey Zhu
Verbal Strategy Consultant at Labbrand

We have offices across 5 markets of which 4 are in Asia, where our main business is and Asia is very diverse which adds to the complexity of this entire naming process. After a lot of research and analysis, Cléma stood out among all others with its compelling story that appeals to our customers and the markets that we represent. Labbrand team has demonstrated its expertise and leadership despite these challenges. Working with Labbrand has been not only an eye-open but educational process.

Damien Ferte
Founder & CEO at Cléma Risk Solutions

About Labbrand

Labbrand is the leading China-originated global brand consultancy with regional operations in APAC (Shanghai, Singapore), Europe (Paris), and North America (New York, Vancouver). We drive forward the positive power of branding. Leading brands on impactful journeys, we create meaningful brand experiences by bringing together excellence in research, strategy, design and verbal identity.

About Cléma Risk Solutions

Headquartered in Singapore, Cléma Risk Solutions is a Specialist insurance intermediary firm, offering digital solutions to help small and medium companies select the best coverage for their needs. To facilitate the life of business owners, Cléma has developed an innovative approach to understand the risk profile of different clients and suggest solutions accordingly.